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Nitrogen/Protein Analysis Using the Dumas vs. Kjeldahl Method

A client recently inquired about performing nitrogen tests based on the traditional Kjeldahl Method.  The Kjeldahl Method is a classical wet chemistry method that we last performed over 8 years ago.  Today NJ Labs performs this kind of analysis via a much more sensitive technique based on the Dumas method utilizing the Thermo Scientific FLASH 2000 Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer.  The Kjeldahl method is a multi-stepped process involving the handling of boiling acids which is extremely hazardous.  The modified Dumas method, however, is now faster, safer and more reliable than the traditional method.  Attached are Technical and Analytical comparisions of the two methods.  These comparisons demonstrate that the Dumas method utilizing the FLASH 2000 Analyzer is a complete automatic system that is more accurate and easier to use.  It has also been approved for use by multiple official organizations.  

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