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COA Authentication

COA Authentication

Verify The Authenticity Of Your Certificate Of Analysis

NJ Labs has entered into a strategic partnership with HealthLOQ, a leading blockchain-
based software company, to fortify the integrity of our Certificates of Analysis (COAs).
Industry experts have alerted us to the prevalence of falsified COAs, constituting an
entire underground market.

These fraudulent practices involve altering crucial details such as client names, lot
numbers, analyses, and results.

The repercussions of such manipulated Certificates of Analysis (COA) are profound, as
they confer a false sense of legitimacy upon products, posing significant risks to brands,
retailers, and consumers.

Authenticity of our COAs is now enhanced with a tool on our website – where the
legitimacy of COA’s can be detected anytime and anywhere within seconds as long as
you can access our website.

The process is straightforward: simply drop the document to be verified into the tool and
you will get a response within seconds.

Should you encounter an altered NJ Labs COA, we kindly request that you promptly
notify us. By working together, we can take decisive action to safeguard the integrity of
our industry and prioritize the well-being of consumers. Your collaboration is essential in
upholding our commitment to data integrity, transparency and quality assurance.

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