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Quality Cannabis testing that will stand-up to FDA scrutiny…

Make no mistake, CBD means “blunt” business for companies looking bring new cannabis products to market.  As legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes continues state-by-state across the USA, the FDA is paying even closer attention to a myriad of CBD products being designed to meet a market demand of “perceived” health benefits by consumers.

In addition, the cannabis industry is being plagued by:

  • Products marketed as CBD yet containing little or no CBD at all
  • Products making false therapeutic claims not vetted by the drug approval process
  • Products containing contaminants such as heavy metals, THC or other omitted ingredients which are potentially harmful

FDA, DEA, Registered & Inspected

Given the current environment, the role of the testing lab has become crucial for companies looking to bring new cannabis products to market.

NJ Labs is uniquely positioned to partner with cannabis companies because we are FDA, DEA, registered & inspected and have been entrusted with handling-controlled substances for years.  As such, we understand the regulatory environment and will help you maintain transparency with your product.  For example, we will provide you with proper scientific knowledge about the cannabinoid profile of your product as cannabis contains more than 80 active chemical compounds.  We will also prove your product purity by deploying USP-like quality methodologies for cannabis testing which includes:

  • CBD
  • THC & THC-A
  • Microbial
  • Heavy Metals
  • Terpenes

Want to learn how to test cannabis for regulated environments?

Learn about quality testing methods that will withstand FDA scrutiny by completing the form below to download our analysis of Cannabis Testing Solutions for Regulated Environments: