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For more than seventy years, New Jersey Laboratories (NJ Labs) has earned a reputation for quality and integrity by providing our clients with accurate and reliable chemical and microbiology testing services. NJ Labs maintains a comprehensive and effective Quality Assurance Program for ensuring that data generated by our laboratories are scientifically valid, defensible, and of known acceptable accuracy. Quality at New Jersey Laboratories, Inc. means full compliance with all requirements. Every aspect of our QAP is designed to ensure that client and regulatory requirements are met.

The objectives of our Quality Assurance Program are to define both client and regulatory requirements, train our staff to meet those requirements, and monitor our performance for adherence to the requirements. Our QAP includes a quality assurance manager, quality assurance documentation, a strong training program, quality assessment and GMP audits, and a corrective action process. The Quality Assurance program is managed by the QA Manager who reports directly to the Laboratory Director.

QA Program Documentation

New Jersey Laboratories (NJ Labs) maintains a thorough and complete documentation system. This ensures that all quality requirements are clearly documented and readily available to all laboratory staff. The Quality Assurance policies and procedures are detailed in the Quality Assurance Policy (NJL SOP 002) which is available to all laboratory staff. Detailed standard operating procedures, for all non-compendia testing are written in a standard format, final approval of all SOPs is by the laboratory director; in addition, each SOP includes a detailed revision history. To ensure that only current copies are in use the QA Manager is responsible for issuing controlled copies to each laboratory.

Instrument IOPQ and Calibration

All instruments undergo a rigorous installation, operation and performance qualification before being used for routine analysis. In addition, each instrument is periodically calibrated to ensure that it yields accurate results. Written records of all calibration, routine maintenance and repair are maintained for each instrument.

Sample Receipt and Sample Log-In

Each sample receives a unique identifier upon receipt. Samples are segregated to maintain sample integrity, and ensure easy retrieval within each laboratory. Our unique identifier also allows tracking of each step of the analysis that includes ability to trace reagents, standards and instrumentation utilized in analysis as required by GMP.


Laboratory management is committed to ensuring that our entire staff plays a key role in our quality policy and its commitment to comply with quality program requirements. All staff members receive quality training and are adequately educated and qualified to perform their assigned responsibilities. All technical staff receive annual cGMP/GLP training and subsequent testing to confirm that they understand current requirements. All personnel with any involvement of sample preparation and handling are instructed in the proper manner and methods to be used. Trainees are supervised until they can demonstrate proper technique and repeatability. We believe that sustained quality requires continuous improvement.
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