Letter from the CEO

"At New Jersey Laboratories, our clients are our priority, and compromising on quality is not an option."

October 2018

As the CEO of an analytical laboratory, I am enthusiastically part of a cutting-edge, highly competitive industry that is constantly evolving. Not only do new technologies advance at incredible rates, the science itself is continually in flux. When steady ground is finally reached, a breakthrough technology or medication emerges to overturn prior assumptions. Frequently, in this environment, the need to stay competitive is prioritized, and the focus shifts from quality to cost reduction. Consequently, the consumer is often forgotten.

At New Jersey Laboratories, our clients are our priority, and compromising on quality is not an option. I strongly believe compromising quality puts the end consumer at risk. To help our clients remain innovative and competitive while meeting rigorous compliance requirements, we have continued to grow our expertise and to develop quality systems grounded in integrity and honesty.

Over the past several years, we have completed major improvements to our facilities and laboratory equipment. We have grown our staff by over 100 percent to accommodate stringent testing criteria. We have rigorously trained all of our employees on our extensive instrument inventory. We routinely collaborate with manufacturers to stay ahead of the information and technology curve. We have developed an extensive library of internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and we continue to expand our abilities and methodologies in analytical chemistry and microbiology.

Currently, we are delving into the uncharted territory of CBD, cannabis, and hemp testing. I am excited to announce that we are taking on the challenge of using complex instrumentation to validate and analyze samples for heavy metals, potency, microbiology and toxins in a CGMP facility. I am thrilled to evaluate and explore the potential of this growing industry.

For over eight decades, we have continued to grow with our clients to meet their research and development needs, and to address the aggressive increase in demands from regulatory bodies. We are prepared and excited to be a part of each of our clients’ growth and progression.

Sandra Lee
Chief Executive Officer