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New Jersey Laboratories, Inc.

Since 1936, New Jersey Laboratories has operated as an independent testing laboratory providing expert chemical and microbiological analytical services.

Our 19,000 square feet of owned building houses well equipped and professionally staffed labs to service the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, cosmetic, food, dairy, and environmental fields. Our services include routine microbiological and chemistry testing as well as unusual, one time specialty testing such as identifying a unique problem that is impacting production. We will test according to published methodology such as USP or will gladly perform your in-house method.

We are unique among laboratories in our broad range of expertise. Our certifications and registrations include the United States Food & Drug Administration and the DEA.

New Jersey Laboratories stands out from the competition in our attitude towards client assistance and satisfaction. We assist you in many ways to ensure product quality and compliance with regulations. We understand your need for prompt, accurate, confidential and affordable testing, and your desire to work with people who are competent, helpful, courteous and dedicated to your satisfaction. We work hard to reach these goals.

To satisfy our client’s quality objectives and to meet regulatory requirements, New Jersey Laboratories, Inc. follows a rigorous quality program established by regulatory agencies. GLP and GMP guidelines recommended by the FDA are followed to ensure that we produce consistent, high quality data with all supporting documentation required. Procedures control all aspects of analysis including sample submittal, calibration, analysis of samples, data reporting and records management. Our QA program provides the continuity and control to perform all aspects of an analysis in a defined and systematic manner. Proper safety and chemical hygiene practices are in use throughout the laboratory.

We specialize in microbiology and chromatography. In addition, we maintain full wet chemistry capabilities and perform metal analysis.
New Jersey Laboratories
Registered by:
United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
New Jersey Controlled Substance
Contact Information:
Sandy Lee (General Manager) | Email: info@njlabs.com

1110 Somerset Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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Phone: 732-249-0148
Fax: 732-249-0243

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Closed Sat and Sun

UPDATE: NEW TURN AROUND TIME: Standard: 12 Days | Rush: 6 Days | Urgent: 3 Days

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